Tuesday, January 12, 2016

17 David Bowie Clips of Note

the ones that are just audio clips were chosen because they seem like neglected classics... the others are either, rare or just worth checking out and prove that a lot happened outside of his hey daze of 1970-1980

01. “Cracked Actor” (BBC Documentary 1975)

02. DAVID BOWIE- Five Years (live 2005 with Arcade Fire)

03. DAVID BOWIE- Letter To Hermoine (1968 home recording)

04. DAVID BOWIE- Love Missile F1-11 (Sigue Sigue Sputnik cover, 2003)

05. DAVID BOWIE- Waterloo Sunset (Kinks cover, 2003)

06. TIN MACHINE- Bus Stop (1989)

07. DAVID BOWIE- Little Wonder (live 2000)

08. DAVID BOWIE- Oh! You Pretty Things (alternate take BBC, 1972)

09. DAVID BOWIE- Seven (1999)

10. TIN MACHINE- Debaser (live 1991)

11. DAVID BOWIE- Strangers When We Meet (1993/5)

12. DAVID BOWIE- Conversation Piece (2001, “Toy” version)

13. DAVID BOWIE- Dead Man Walking (live, acoustic on Conan O’Brien)

14. DAVID BOWIE- Uncle Floyd (aka Slip Away) original full version with soundbite

15. DAVID BOWIE- Loving The Alien (1984)

16. DAVID BOWIE- The Motel (1995)

17. DAVID BOWIE- Life On Mars (live 2005)

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