Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PREFAB SPROUT- Paddy McAloon interview 2001

RASPBERRIES "Starting Over" & BIG STAR "Radio City" reviews in The Rock Marketplace

Since there is this thing called throwback Thursday, I figured I'd post some stuff I thought was fun-worthy for a revisit... etc

I also stumbled across 2 editions of Alan Betrock's publication The Rock Marketplace and scanned some record reviews of which Big Star and Raspberries are included....


Sunday, April 26, 2015


BEACH BOYS- Girl Don't Tell Me

This is one of those great moments just before everything begins to progress a bit too fast.   There was just enough of a hint of the innocent wonder of the late 50s malt-shop-arama ethos mixed with what is obviously a musical step out of the simple surfdom Brain was seeking; the movement is on par with the best of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

And still it ended up being a b-side.  Maybe they weren’t convinced that Carl’s big vocal debut (well, his 2nd, but this IS his big entry point) was worthy. Granted, it was probably being measured against the big Kahunas (“California Girls,” “Let Him Run Wild,” and “You’re So Good To Me”).  And it’s fate was sealed.

A few weeks ago Bill Lloyd posted a clip of “Guess I’m Dumb” and there was some interesting points made; one of which was Marshall Crenshaw having a beef about the lyrics.  Marshall noted Brian’s lack of experience with that department dragged the song down.  I, on the contrary, thought Brian’s lyrics (as confused and sometimes awkward as they were) had a very unique and honest charm to them.  

I know, the NHA boss (Steve Potocin), doesn’t give the lyrics as much thought as some other people do; and I’m one who can let some weak stuff slide with a genius song.  But still, I wanted to take a better look at the songs Brian tackled all on his own. 

What you get are tunes like the aforementioned “Guess I’m Dumb,” “She Knows Me Too Well,” “Wind Chimes,” “Time To Get Alone,” “This Whole World,” “Til I Die” and “Love And Mercy.”  Oh, and this little gem…which really accentuates the “GURL” word which I’m sure Alex Chilton took note of.  

Brian’s take: some girl he met on summer vacation up at his grandmother’s really played him and left him high and dry, although he sounds like it’s toughened him up over the ensuing September-to-June grind of school. 

Sure, she’s gonna look that much hotter-- as that wonder of biological forms do when 15 goes to 16 (I’m guessing)--but this time, he’s gonna play it cool and not wear his heart on his sleeve.

Growin’ up’s a bitch.

(Another one that originally appeared on Steve Potocin's NHA group on Facebook.  The song was Steve's choice for me to wax on about...)
on this day...
these are 100 greatest singles ever:
  1. PILOT- Get Up And Go b/w One Good Reason Why
  2. LITTLE RICHARD- Rip It Up b/w Ready Teddy
  3. CHRIS BELL- I Am The Cosmos b/w You And Your Sister
  4. 20/20- Tell Me Why b/w Yellow Pills
  5. THE MONKEES- Porpoise Song b/w As We Go Along
  6. HOLLIES- Dear Eloise b/w When Your Lights Turned On
  7. BEATLES- Help b/w I’m Down
  8. JERRY LEE LEWIS- Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On b/w It’ll Be Me
  9. THE JAM- Going Underground b/w Dreams Of Children
  10. THE KINKS- Set Me Free b/w I Need You
  11. ROLLING STONES- We Love You b/w Dandelion
  12. BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY-  Girl Of My Dreams b/w Sarah Smiles
  13. THE SMITHS- This Charming Man b/w Jeane
  14. R.E.M.- Radio Free Europe b/w Sitting Still
  15. BUZZCOCKS- I Don’t Mind b/w Autonomy
  16. CHUCK BERRY- Johnny B. Goode b/w Around & Around
  17. ELVIS PRESEY- His Latest Flame b/w Little Sister
  18. COUNT FIVE- Psychotic Reaction b/w They’re Gonna Get You
  19. BEACH BOYS- Wouldn’t It Be Nice b/w God Only Knows
  20. FRESHIES- I Can’t Get ‘Bouncing Babies’ By The Teardrop Explodes b/w Tell Her I’m Ill
  21. THE ADVERTS- Gary Gilmore’s Eyes b/w Bored Teenagers  
  22. THE RECORDS- Starry Eyes b/w Paint Her Face
  23. THE ONLY ONES- Another Girl Another Planet b/w As My Wife Says
  24. MARSHALL CRENSHAW- Something’s Gonna Happen b/w She Can’t Dance
  25. THE DB’S- Black & White b/w Soul Kiss
  26. KATE BUSH- Wuthering Heights b/w Kite
  27. TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS- I Think We’re Alone Now b/w Gone Gone Gone
  28. BOB DYLANPositively 4th Street b/w From A Buick 6
  29. THE ZOMBIES- Care Of Cell 44 b/w Maybe After He’s Gone
  30. GLEN CAMPBELL- Wichita Lineman b/w Fate Of Man
  31. THE CLASH- Complete Control b/w City Of The Dead
  32. RAMONES- She’s A Sensation b/w All’s Quiet On The Eastern Front
  33. WIRE- Mannequin b/w 12XU
  34. HOODOO GURUS- My Girl b/w Be My Guru
  35. THE REPLACEMENTS- I’m In Trouble b/w If Only You Were Lonely
  36. THE BYRDS- All I Really Want To Do b/w I’ll Feel A Whole lot Better
  37. DAVID BOWIE- Changes b/w Andy Warhol  
  38. SLADE- How Does It Feel b/w So Far So Good
  39. SWEET- Hell Raiser b/w Burning
  40. MOTT THE HOOPLE- All The Young Dudes b/w One Of The Boys
  41. T. REX- Jeepster b/w Life’s A Gas
  42. RODERICK FALCONER- Rock City b/w Fame Is A Ball And Chain
  43. THE TURTLES- Can I Get To Know You Better b/w Like The Seasons
  44. THE WHO- The Kids Are Alright b/w A Legal Matter
  45. THE MOVE- California Man b/w Do Ya/Ella James
  46. TODD RUNDGREN- Hello It’s Me b/w Cold Morning Light
  47. BIG STAR- September Gurls b/w Mod Lang
  48. DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND- You Were So Warm b/w Sincerely
  49. BADFINGER- Baby Blue b/w Flying
  50. PAUL MCCARTNEY- Another Day b/w Oh Woman Oh Why
  51. PAGLIARO- Lovin' You Ain’t Easy b/w She Moves Light
  52. ALICE COOPER- I’m Eighteen b/w Is It My Body
  53. TOMMY KEENE- Back To Zero, Now b/w Mr. Roland
  54. SQUEEZE- Up The Junction b/w It’s So Dirty
  55. SEX PISTOLS- Anarchy In The U.K. b/w I Wanna Be Me
  56. PULP- Common People b/w Underwear
  57. WALKER BROTHERS- The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore b/w After The Lights Go Out
  58. LONG RYDERS- Looking For Lewis & Clark b/w Child Bride
  59. ABC- The Look Of Love (Part One) b/w The Look Of Love (Part Two)
  60. RASPBERRIES- Go All The Way b/w With You In My Life
  61. GEORGE HARRISON- What Is Life b/w Apple Scruffs
  62. THE LIBERTINES- What A Waster b/w I Get Along
  63. NEW YORK DOLLS- Personality Crisis b/w Trash
  64. ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS- Radio Radio b/w Tiny Steps
  65. PREFAB SPROUT- When Love Breaks Down b/w Diana
  66. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD- Stay Awhile b/w Something Special
  67. SHOCKING BLUE- Venus b/w Hot Sand
  68. GLORIA JONES- Tainted Love b/w My Bad Boy’s Comin’ Home
  69. ENDGAMES- We Feel Good [Future's Looking Fine] b/w Darkness
  70. STEVIE WONDER- I Was Made To Love Her b/w Travlin’ Man
  71. JACKSON 5- I Want You Back b/w Who’s Lovin’ You
  72. TRASHCAN SINATRAS- Obscurity Knocks b/w Who’s He 
  73. JAMES BROWN- Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (pt 1) b/w Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (pt. 2)
  74. THE SMALL FACES- Tin Soldier b/w I Feel Much Better
  75. THE CREATION- How Does It Feel To Feel b/w Tom Tom
  76. THE EASYBEATS- Friday On My Mind b/w Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
  77. BUDDY HOLLY- Rave On b/w Take Your Time
  78. EDDIE COCHRAN- Somethin' Else b/w Boll Weevil Song
  79. GENE VINCENT- Be Bop A Lula b/w Woman Love
  80. CHEAP TRICK- Surrender b/w Auf Wiedersehen
  81. THE YARDBIRDS- I Wish You Would b/w A Certain Girl
  82. EVERLY BROTHERS- All I Have To Do Is Dream b/w Claudette
  83. PATTI SMITH GROUP- Dancing Barefoot b/w 5-4-3-2-1 (live)
  84. THE GRASS ROOTS- Temptation Eyes b/w Keepin’ Me Down
  85. BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD- Expecting To Fly b/w Everydays
  86. EMITT RHODES- Fresh As A Daisy b/w You Take The Dark Out Of The Night
  87. THE COWSILLS- The Rain, The Park And Other Things b/w River Blue
  88. THE KNICKERBOCKERS- Lies b/w The Coming Generation
  89. THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR- I Fought The Law b/w Little Annie Lou
  90.  XTC- Senses Working Overtime b/w Blame The Weather/Tissue Tigers
  91. THE CHURCH- Almost With You b/w Life Speeds Up
  92. BOB LIND- The Elusive Butterfly b/w Cheryl’s Goin’ Home
  93. SOFT CELL- Bedsitter b/w Facility Girls
  94. CRISPIAN ST. PETERS- The Pied Piper b/w Sweet Dawn My True Love
  95. WE FIVE- You Were On My Mind b/w Small World
  96. MAMA CASS- Make Your Own Kind Of Music b/w Lady Love
  97. BOYCE & HART- I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight b/w The Ambushers
  98. THE CURE- Close To Me b/w A Man Inside My Mouth
  99. 1910 FRUITGUM CO. - Indian Giver b/w Pow Wow
  100. BAY CITY ROLLERS- Rock & Roll Love Letter b/w Shanghai'd In Love


THE FLIRTATIONS- "Nothing But A Heartache" (1968) 

"Well that’s the greatest record I ever heard…"

This is one of those.

"Nothing But A Heartache" is a massive (UK fueled) Northern Soul classic; about as immediate as any song gets this side of “I Wanna Be With You” by The Raspberries.

It was the brainchild of UK producer Wayne Bickerton and co-author Tony Waddington, who took their Supremes-Spector delusions of grandeur and concocted the ultimate female soul-pop raver with a bunch of soul sisters from South Carolina.

Produced within an inch of its life replete with enough horns and strings to propel it into the stratosphere, its true anchor, however, are the drums (xylophone doesn't hurt, either), which give it the action that goes blow for blow against a scorching lead vocal. (If I had to guess, it's Ernestine Pearce singing.)

The 45 is everything any sprouting lad with a whiff of pop sense could hear without hesitation despite the onset of hippiedom and the major split of AM and FM beginning to appear.

Alas, that could be why the damn (TOP SHELF) tune only made it to #34 on Billboard; staggered regional success WAS the culprit, however.

(This post originally appeared on a thread on The No Hipsters Allowed group on Facebook.  Thanks goes to NHA ringmaster Steve Potocin for choosing this song for me write up.)