Sunday, April 26, 2015


THE FLIRTATIONS- "Nothing But A Heartache" (1968) 

"Well that’s the greatest record I ever heard…"

This is one of those.

"Nothing But A Heartache" is a massive (UK fueled) Northern Soul classic; about as immediate as any song gets this side of “I Wanna Be With You” by The Raspberries.

It was the brainchild of UK producer Wayne Bickerton and co-author Tony Waddington, who took their Supremes-Spector delusions of grandeur and concocted the ultimate female soul-pop raver with a bunch of soul sisters from South Carolina.

Produced within an inch of its life replete with enough horns and strings to propel it into the stratosphere, its true anchor, however, are the drums (xylophone doesn't hurt, either), which give it the action that goes blow for blow against a scorching lead vocal. (If I had to guess, it's Ernestine Pearce singing.)

The 45 is everything any sprouting lad with a whiff of pop sense could hear without hesitation despite the onset of hippiedom and the major split of AM and FM beginning to appear.

Alas, that could be why the damn (TOP SHELF) tune only made it to #34 on Billboard; staggered regional success WAS the culprit, however.

(This post originally appeared on a thread on The No Hipsters Allowed group on Facebook.  Thanks goes to NHA ringmaster Steve Potocin for choosing this song for me write up.)

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